Which guitar suits me best ?
We will be happy to help you!

• Strumming

strumming patterns and chords which will enable you to accompany almost every song

• Fingerpicking

from basic techniques such as Travis picking to classics like “Dust in the Wind”, “Tears in Heaven”, “Angie”, “Stairway to Heaven”, “Nothing Else Matters”, etc.

• Classical

classical training, beautiful guitar music by renaissance, baroque, classical, impressionist and modernist composers, as well as Spanish and Latin American romantic pieces

• Blues

blues riffs, blues licks, turnarounds, blues pattern, blues fingerpicking, from simple blues form to difficult solos

• Flamenco

pickinng techniques such as Picado, Rasguedo, Arpegien, Golpe, and Alzapua different dances and rhythms: Soleares, Alegria, Bulerias etc.