Kai Krusius


• Guitar lessons (guitar, electric guitar and electric bass) with Bojan Bukoff

• Electric guitar lessons with Victor Smolski (Almanac)

• Workshops with Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Chris Canella (Autumn’s End)

• Music production lessons with Wolfram Dettki at the Pathos recording studio

• Since September 2014 studying music production at the H:G in Berlin

• music production practical training at Principal Studios


• Founder, guitarist, singer, and composer of the Vigore rock band

• Live performances and participation in CD productions

• Participation in numerous heavy metal, rock and blues concerts

• Production of the first CD “Dawn of a Siege” and releases of the digital single „The Insanity in Me“ by Vigore

• Guitar technician for the bands Almanac, Gloryful and Saltatio Mortis


• Since 2015 teacher of guitar, electric guitar, electric bass and ukulele at the Guitar School One in Nottuln